CollegePay by Diamond SIS

Bringing the convenience of Integrated Credit/Debit card

processing directly within Diamond SIS

CollegePay is the new payment processing system designed by, and used within, the Diamond SIS system.  It brings the convenience of Integrated

Credit/Debit Card processing directly inside your Diamond SIS system.  [Click Here to Complete The Merchant Account Application.]

CollegePay Makes Payment Processing Easy Within Diamond SIS

You'll use this new technology in these modules:

Miscellaneous Batch Management

  • Examples:
  • Books, Application Fees, etc.

Payment Batch Management

  • Awards, Scheduled payments
  • Payments tied to contracts

Student Payments

  • Through the Student Portal

Integrated Credit Card Processing Provides Many Benefits:

  • Reduce accounts receivable and past-due debt
  • No more wasted hours tracking down bad checks
  • Students can pay On-line!! and via Mobile
  • Faster access to your funds
  • Convenient and professional

Lower Your Workload and Improve Accountability:

  • Reduces steps
  • Reduces errors - No more double-entry!
  • Automates postings
  • Professional Accounting and Ledgers Management

Payment Processing is provided by NXGEN through LaRocca & Associates. 

About NXGEN:

  • More than a decade of experience in delivering complete payment processing solutions.

    NXGEN Provides Diamond SIS Customers with Secure and Safe Payment Processing

  • Experience spans all types of industries and provides More than just great rates.
  • Focused solutions and support that enable customers to meet their specific challenges and improve operations





NXGEN was named ISO of the Year at the 2016 Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) conference.

The professionals at LaRocca & Associates will answer all your questions.


  • Lowest Rates:  Please note that Merchant “Rates” are more than a single #.LaRocca IS Provides NXGEN Payment Processing to Diamond SIS
  • No Fees, No Charges, No Worries
  • The Professionals at LaRocca IS Guide You Through EVERY STEP.
  • Don’t Panic – You’re under no obligation
  • Click Here to Start Your Merchant Account Application!

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