Below are the questions posed during our CollegePay Introduction webinar on 4/21/2016.  

Q:    Is there a swipe terminal option to upload the card info for transaction?
A:    Great question!  We'll be adding this in an update. The 1st release does not use swipe terminals.

Q:    Can i use my own merchant services account or do I need to sign up with CollegePay?
A:    CollegePay is the Payment Processing system designed and used by Diamond SIS.  The Merchant Services company that Diamond SIS has partnered with is NXGEN, which is provided by LaRocca Integrated Solutions.  They were carefully selected to offer convenience and the best value. 

Q: Is there an additional charge for the Payment Processing feature
A: Great News - No!  The payment processing feature is built into the next version of Diamond SIS.

Q: I want to use CC processing, but there’s no way I’m changing Merchant Account Processors.
A: We’re excited that you see the benefits of the integrated payment processing with CollegePay.  It’s going to save you a huge amount of time, improve accuracy and you’re going to appreciate the simplicity.  I think when you talk with LaRocca IS you’re going to quickly learn ways to reduce your payment processing overhead.  And that you’re going to by suitably impressed.  It costs nothing to review the information.

Q: Will the payment be automatically posted to the Student Account?
A: No.  Just like all other items in a Misc Batch and Payment Batch, the E-Payments will be posted to the Student Ledger when the Batch is posted.

Q: Is there a merchant receipt and customer receipt?
A: YES.  The receipt in Diamond SIS will include the E-payment details.  Additionally, you have other Diamond SIS reports to manage your Financial Aid and Accounting.

Q: Is the time stamp based on the processor's time zone?
A: Yes

Q: Is an award required for a student to pay from the student portal?
A: Yes

Q: Are there details associated per transaction?
A: Yes! In addition to the Financial and Accounting Reports within Diamond SIS, there are a number of detailed reports built into the NXGEN services.  We didn't show them during the webinar because the focus was showing you how to save time with Diamond SIS.  When you sign up with the NXGEN Merchant Services, you'll be introduced to all of their tools.

Q: Can I generate a report to have all credit card and check/ACH uploaded to our main financial system QuickBooks.
A: Yes!  Simply use the standard QuickBooks export that is in Diamond SIS.  Match the Ledger Codes to the correct GL code.

Q: Is there/will there be a way to automatically debit/charge a student's bank account for automatic payments?
A: Great suggestion.  We've added this as a Future Feature for development.

Q: If a payment amount was made in error how do we reverse the transaction because of the error, how do you refund the transaction?
A: Just like any retail refund, it's a second transaction to offset the charge.  You manually enter this into Diamond SIS and then manually enter one into NXGEN as a void (same day), or a refund.

Q: I'd like to see the $200 payment in the batch. That way I can see how quickly the Batch Populates
A: Diamond SIS logs each transaction immediately.  This includes Successful and Failed transactions.  No details are missed.

Q: Is there/will there be a way to automatically debit/charge a student's bank account for automatic payments?
A: Great idea!  We'll add this to our Requested Features list.

Q: Is it possible (on the student portal side) for the $50 payment to show "In Process" or something like that? That way, if by chance the Student logs in at the exact same time they don't try and make the same payment.
A: Great suggestion.  There is an intermediate status for each transaction provided by NXGEN.  We can display this intermediate status, then when the Transaction is completed, we can change it to reflect the updated status.